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Feb 14, 2019

We are used to hearing about athletes coming off the field and heading to the locker room to go into "the concussion protocol". What if the medical professionals could whip out their iPhone, open an app, and determine in minutes whether the player is experiencing a problem? Kurtis Sluss is the kind of entrepreneur that will make you see the future. And with the launch of their latest product, Kurtis and brightlamp are creating that future.

This was one of my favorite conversations in the course of this show. Kurtis is wise beyond his years - heck, he's wise beyond my years. And, he is applying that wisdom to cutting edge healthcare products using AI, machine learning, and computer vision. I hope you are as inspired by Kurtis as I was.

Kurtis is an American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur. His focus is redefining medicine and disrupting current diagnostic technologies. He leads brightlamp as Founder and CEO with experience in innovative detection and diagnostic methods and an intuition for startup success.

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