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Jun 13, 2018

Hugh Devine, Dir. Bus. Dev., Promedim and co-Founder Caledonian Informatics

As Director of Business Development for Promedim, Hugh oversees the company’s sales and growth strategy. He is trained in US & EU IT Regulatory requirements and has led pilot projects for key IT systems within the regulated space. He has significant experience in Product/IT Design Control Validation, Data Centre qualification, Product/IT Quality Strategies, System Implementation and Support for the Life Science and Health IT Industry. Hugh has led high growth startups in both the US and EU and has extensive experience in strategic planning and partnerships to help develop and resource customer solutions. Hugh holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Technology and Business from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Caledonian Informatics -

Caledonian Informatics was founded in Scotland in 2017 by Life Science professionals in the US & UK. Our goal is to provide the Life and Health Science sector with a partner who understands the regulatory rigor necessary to develop and maintain health and patient impacting software.

Caledonian Informatics supports a host of international companies, we specialize in SaaS and Cloud enabled platforms while ensuring regulatory standards such as IEC62304 are followed and adhered to.

Our team can deliver a full application or augment an existing team all the while ensuring that when your software is ready your compliance burden is met.

Our significant experience in the FDA & MHRA regulated markets, and the NHS, has enabled us to bring a wealth of knowledge and pragmatism to the UK and EU IT/Software development space.

Promedim –

Promedim’s medical specialists provide comprehensive oversight for clinical trials using advanced cloud-based technology.

Our service combines industry-leading physician management technology with 24/7 real-time access to medical expertise.